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MTS and Skoltech deployed a 5G pilot zone for the International Medical Cluster

February 26, 2021, 18:00 (UTC+3)|

MTS and Skoltech expanded 5G coverage at Skolkovo, deploying a pilot network for the International Medical Cluster (MMK).

A fragment of the pilot network was launched on Huawei equipment in the 4.9 GHz band. The network will cover the construction site with an outdoor signal, where the construction of the complex of buildings of the medical cluster is being completed. As part of the pilot zone, the mobile format of the base station (see photo) is involved, since it is unreasonable to use long-term structures in the construction zone, Skoltech explained to ICT.Moscow.

At the first stage, a round-the-clock HD video surveillance service for construction work using video cameras will be implemented on the 5G network. After that, 5G indoor coverage will be deployed in the premises of the MCC for the implementation of various services and cases in the field of telemedicine, MTS promises.

In October 2020, MTS and Skoltech launched a pilot 5G network at Skolkovo to test developments and create domestic ICT solutions and services based on them.


Dmitry Lakontsev, Head of the NTI Central Committee for wireless technologies and the Internet of things on the basis of Skoltech


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