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MTS Deploys Two Pilot 5G Networks for Sberbank in Moscow

September 20, 2021, 09:53 (UTC+3)|

Russia's largest telecom operator MTS has launched a pilot 5G networks for Sberbank.

The first one is a user network and is deployed inside the bank's headquarters on Kutuzovsky Prospekt. It will enable users of compatible 4.9GHz 5G smartphones to connect to unlimited high-speed internet and digital services.

The second zone is installed near Sberbank's office at 10a Andropova Avenue and is additionally ‘designed to test wireless services of the Sberbank ecosystem, including unmanned solutions for transport, where connection reliability, low latency, and high data transfer rates are critical.

In addition to increasing bandwidth and reducing latency, the 5G standard offers several other benefits, Sberbank said.

"Sber is our key partner and client, for whom we have built a pilot public 5G network, providing not only access to high-speed mobile internet and Sber services but also opportunities for research in the field of ecosystem solutions," MTS B2B Commercial Director Andrey Zimenkov said.

The 5G area is expected to expand Sberbank's capabilities for research in ecosystem solutions.

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Andrey Zimenkov, B2B Commercial Director at MTS

In March 2021, MTS launched a pilot 5G user network in the 4.9 GHz band in 14 locations in Moscow, after which it increased the number of pilot zones in the city to 19.

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