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Positive Technologies Presents The Standoff 365 Cyber-Range Platform

November 16, 2021, 13:53 (UTC+3)|

Positive Technologies has unveiled The Standoff 365, an online cyber-range platform, which allows companies can check the level of their own cyber defense.

The Standoff 365 helps to conduct cyber-training on the existing infrastructure of companies. The attackers determine all the scenarios on their own. Currently, The Standoff 365 consists of a cyber range, which recreates the operational and business processes in the energy industry. Positive technologies, the company behind the solution, is planning to launch the bug bounty platform, which will help to conveniently collect reports on vulnerabilities.

The Standoff 365 is currently in beta testing. Later, the platform will be available to cyber incident investigators from around the world.

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The Standoff 365

Earlier it was reported that Positive Technologies is developing a new concept of the information security standard, which should become an open knowledge base and consolidate the practices of the IT community to counter cyber attacks.

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