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Positive Technologies to Launch a Bug Bounty Platform for Russian Companies

November 26, 2021, 13:10 (UTC+3)|

Positive Technologies plans to launch a platform in Russia next May, with the help of which companies will hire cybersecurity specialists to search for vulnerabilities in their networks, systems and applications. The platform is supposed to become an aggregator of programs for bug bounty specialists, as well as an intermediary between them and companies interested in their services.

Yaroslav Babin, Head of Application Security Analysis Department, clarified that "now in Russia such system doesn't exist, while separate bug bounties from Russian companies are posted on the international platform HackerOne."

The programs, according to the developers, are planned to be carried out both in the traditional format, when the customer pays he discovered vulnerabilities and in the new one, forming a register of unacceptable events, with payment being made for a chain of attacks that would lead to unacceptable damage to the company.

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Yaroslav Babin, the Head of Application Security Analysis Department, Positive Technologies

Earlier it was reported that Positive Technologies was developing a new roadmap for a cybersecurity standard, which should become an open knowledge base and consolidate the IT community's practices in countering cyber-attacks.

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