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Promobot Develops Algorithms for Recognizing Human Emotions

July 27, 2021, 13:00 (UTC+3)|

Russian robotics manufacturer Promobot has added a new algorithm to its systems for face recognition, speech, dialogue, and emotion display. With its help, the company's robots can determine human emotions, tone of voice and, following the expected state of a person, build a dialogue.

Depending on the emotional state of the interlocutor, the robot will choose a communication strategy: to console, encourage or maintain a friendly course of the conversation, and will be able to respond in a livelier manner.

In April, another service robot produced by Promobot began working at headquarters of the Dubai police, advising citizens, answering questions, and accepting applications. The robot is equipped with obstacle sensors and a contactless thermometer and has a database with several thousand questions and answers in English and Arabic.

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