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Rostec to Launch Transport Payment Systems Based on Biometrics

October 22, 2021, 15:15 (UTC+3)|

In 2022, Rostec plans to launch the production of biometrics systems for transport payment.

The implementation of the project was entrusted to the Vector Research Institute in partnership with the developer of software and hardware solutions MF Tarif. In total, next year it is planned to transfer 100 modules of the fare control system to the customer.

The parties also intend to establish a joint R&D center for the development of new systems and software. According to the plans of the Ministry of Transport, by 2030 passengers will be able to pass security checks at train stations and airports using biometrics, and also pay for travel. By 2035, the share of passengers using biometrics on suburban, intercity and international routes will be 80%.

Previously it was reported that every eighth Russian received an offer to submit biometric data, with a third of these citizens agreeing to this procedure. Another 44% of those who were offered to take biometrics refused to do so.

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