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Russia to Increase the Export of Cloud Gaming 55 times by 2030

August 2, 2021, 11:34 (UTC+3)|

According to the roadmap "New Communication Internet Technologies", the Russian government plans to increase the export of domestic cloud gaming services by 55 times by 2030: from $2.9 million (212 million rubles) in 2020 to $160 million (11.7 billion rubles) in 2030, Kommersant reports.

Sales in the domestic market, according to the publication, will grow at the same rate: from $10.9 million (0.8 billion rubles) in 2020 to $607 million (44.3 billion rubles) in 2030. It is expected that the Russian audience of cloud gaming platforms should by this time increase from 180 thousand to 10 million people.

The proposed targets will be achieved by supporting companies with grants via the Innovation Promotion Fund.

The document also clarifies that several trends were taken into account when calculating the targets: the growth of gaming by 5.9% per year, a pandemic and a massive transition to teleworking, as well as the deployment of 5G networks, which will minimize delays in the information transmission.

Roadmap "New Communication Internet Technologies" also implies the launch of educational programs in e-sports, courses in data analysis, the development of computer games, and the use of technology in the creation of films and other content at universities.

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