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Russian Doctors May Get Permission for Remote Diagnosis as Part of the Regulatory Sandbox

October 13, 2021, 12:20 (UTC+3)|

The Ministry of Economic Development, within the framework of an experimental legal regime (regulatory sandbox) in the field of digital innovations in the use of telemedicine technologies, proposes to give individual medical institutions the right to make a diagnosis remotely, without the obligatory face-to-face consultation of a doctor.

According to the publication, EPR in the field of telemedicine will last for three years throughout the Russian Federation. The participants in the experiment will be the Medsi group, the SberZdorovye online medical service, the Doctor Nearby digital service and the Nearmedic network of clinics. All services provided by participants will be provided on a commercial basis.

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SberHealth, Doctor Ryadom

According to the target indicators of the program evaluation, by the end of the third year of the experiment, at least 860 medical workers, 75 thousand patients should participate in it, who will receive 120 thousand telemedicine consultations.

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