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Startup Twager Creates a Device for Texting without Cell Reception and the Internet

September 27, 2021, 09:17 (UTC+3)|

The startup (based in Moscow region) has created a communication device that allows users to transfer text messages at a distance of 200 km between subscribers.

The data transfer occurs without the use of satellites or cell towers. The messages are delivered to the nearest repeater using short radio waves, which are reflected from the Earth's ionosphere at an altitude of hundreds of kilometers.

The prototype device, which resembles a tablet with a compact antenna, can transmit messages at a rate of 120 characters per minute. The maximum text length of one message is 160 characters. According to the developers, in the future, it is theoretically possible to transfer images, video and sound using the device.

The first to test the system are geologists, oilmen and builders. Russian Railways became interested in the technology, with plans to use it, among other things, to transfer messages between employees of the Far Eastern Railway.

Russian Railways noted that earlier the project became one of the seven winners of the company's corporate acceleration program.

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