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The Cost of MTS’ Cell Towers is $1.4 billion, Analysts Say

September 9, 2021, 10:24 (UTC+3)|

The cost of the tower infrastructure of MTS may be more than $1.4 billion (105 billion rubles). This is the conclusion reached by analysts at Xtellus Capital from VTB Group.

In their opinion, MTS is ready to monetize this asset, since operators have achieved equality in terms of cellular coverage. In addition, the fact that other operators also intend to sell their towers will facilitate such a deal on the part of the company. In particular, the VEON holding (the parent company of Beeline) in early September announced the sale of cellular towers to the Service-Telecom group of companies in Russia for $967.3 million (70.65 billion rubles).

At the moment, MTS is the leader in the number of towers in Russia among mobile operators. According to AC&M Consulting, at the end of last year their number was 18 thousand, this year the figure may increase to 23 thousand.

In mid-August, MTS announced plans to restructure the company, during which tower and digital assets will be separated into separate legal entities. The company hopes to complete the allocation of assets by early 2022, provided that the initiative is approved at a shareholders' meeting.

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