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Tinkoff Integrates its Anti-Fraud Platform into the Yandex Identifier

November 3, 2021, 12:44 (UTC+3)|

Tinkoff Bank has integrated its anti-fraud system Tinkoff Call Defender, which recognizes spoofing of official bank phone numbers, into Yandex's number identification service. As a result, customers of any telecom operators, including regional ones, will receive notification of calls from possible fraudsters, according to the press service of Tinkoff.

The bank explained that when a customer’s phone receives a call, the Yandex identifier checks whether the number belongs to the bank's group. After that, Tinkoff Call Defender establishes whether the call was actually initiated by the bank. If the authenticity confirmation is not completed, the platform records the substitution of the number and informs the CLI and the customer about it.

If the customer answers such a call, the bank receives a notification about this. As Tinkoff clarified, this is necessary in order to use the bank’s own anti-fraud technologies to protect client funds. In particular, the bank may suspend atypical operations with credit cards until the circumstances are clarified.

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Tinkoff Call Defender

Now, according to the bank's estimates, 6% of all calls that pass through the Yandex identifier as bank calls are made with a number substitution.

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