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VR Concept Tests its Solution on Skoltech's 5G Network

September 1, 2021, 14:08 (UTC+3)|

VR Concept, a virtual prototyping software developer, has tested a solution for remote VR meetings with access to 3D models of industrial equipment in Skoltech's 5G laboratory at 4.9 GHz.

As part of the testing, two computers connected to virtual reality helmets gained access to the Internet via a pilot 5G network. Users in the VR space were able to interact with digital models of buildings, rooms, equipment, made at a scale of 1:1. The signal delay was 6 ms with e downlink data rate reaching 1.3 Gbps, and the uplink data rate reaching 120 Mbps, according to Skoltech.

"Now, from 5 to 20 people participate in one VR session practice. With the development of VR technology, it becomes possible for more people to participate in such sessions. 5G, thanks to its low latency and a large number of channels, provides all users with a comfortable VR experience, even when connected to one access point", said Mark Zakarkin, the CEO of VR Concept told ICT.Moscow.

"5G allows you to work with large amounts of data on the fly, which is very much in demand for the full use of VR and AR technology in conjunction with digital models and the IoT. Therefore, 5G is now primarily in demand by large industrial companies, especially at enterprises remote from central cities" Zaharkin added.

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In the future, the developers from VR Concept plan to abandon PC in favor of cloud solutions, while the headsets themselves will either be equipped with 5G modules or connected to a smartphone that supports 5G. The video for the 4K/8K screens built into VR headsets will be streamed from the cloud-based graphics server over the 5G network.

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