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Yandex is negotiating the acquisition of the Azbuka Vkusa retail chain

June 11, 2021, 10:03 (UTC+3)|

According to The Bell, Yandex is negotiating the acquisition of the Azbuka Vkusa supermarket chain. The deal is aimed at creating synergy with Yandex.Lavka, a product delivery service. According to one of the sources, both companies are targeting the premium audience, Lavka is actively developing the sale of ready-to-eat food, the segment in which Azbuka Vkusa is strong, and will be able to quickly expand this area with the help of the deal.

One of the sources mentioned Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, a premium supermarket chain, as an example. Whole Foods has retained the stores and the retailer’s brand after the acquisition.

The representative of Yandex said the company would not comment on the rumors. Representatives of Azbuka Vkusa refused to comment, the newspaper writes.

Azbuka Vkusa is one of the key partners of Yandex.Lavka, The Bell reminds. The service has been selling ready-to-eat food from Azbuka Vkusa for several months, and the retailer announced that it would give the exclusive rights for express food delivery to the services of Yandex, and would refuse to partner with its competitors.

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