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Yandex, VTB, Group and Other Companies Might Join Open-Source Software Development Foundation

October 4, 2021, 09:24 (UTC+3)|

A non-profit organization Russian Open Source Foundation, which will unite open-source software developers as well as coordinate the activities of educational and scientific organizations, might soon be created. By November 1, the key members will be announced, with Sberbank, VTB, Group, Yandex, Postgres Pro, Arenadat expected on the list, aaccording to RBC newspaper.

VTB has already announced its plans to become a member of the foundation. The representative of Sberbank clarified that the company only "took part in the discussion of the initiative." Representatives of Yandex and Group declined to comment.

NPO will presumably develop an action plan for open-source software strategy, determining performance indicators, monitor implementation, etc. It will also become an operator of the domestic repository, providing grant support for the development of such software and representing Russian open-source communities in international public organizations.

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Postgres Pro, Arenadata

Earlier it was reported that the companies are developing a strategy for the development of open-source software through 2024. initially, when discussing the strategy, it was proposed to give open-source solutions the same privileges that domestic software has. However, a softer wording was included in the published project: state and educational organizations should give preference to open formats and protocols in information systems, which must be used in the implementation of digital transformation projects along with existing domestic software.

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