HSE presents data on the level of digitalization of healthcare and the demand for electronic public services in this area.

  • By the beginning of 2019, almost all medical organizations (96.5%) had access to the Internet; 86.5% of them have their own website or page; one third of them (36%) used cloud services.
  • Medical information systems that organize and provide medical care to citizens and ensure information interaction with the Unified State Information System in Public Healthcare, were used by 65.6% of the structural units of medical organizations.
  • In 2019 679 thousand telemedicine consultations were held, 104 thousand of these were doctors’ consultations, 385 thousand were patient consultations, after which the patients were hospitalized. The number of online consultations has increased by 1.7-2 times compared to 2018.
  • In 2019 40% of the adult population of the country (43.7 million people aged 15–72) used the Internet to make an appointment with a doctor or ask for a house call, receive information about the provision of medical care, referrals for hospitalization, and undergo a medical and social examination. Compared to 2018, the increase is almost 4 million people, or 10%.
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