Tadviser analytical centre, Technoserv system integrator and Huawei presented findings of their research project "IT Infrastructure of Artificial Intelligence in Russia". In total 50 experts experts from the companies of a large and upper segment of medium business of the different industries were polled, including finance, telecom, industry, retail and public sector.

Key findings:

  • 68% of organisations surveyed already use solutions in the field of AI or machine learning. About a quarter more plan start of such initiatives or pilots in the next few years.
  • In most cases (92%) domestic business prefers to deploy AI solutions based on their own infrastructure. 
  • Nearly a half of respondents (45%) noted that they adhere to the hybrid approach, using both own clusters for calculations, and leased capacities. 
  • More than a half of the polled companies confirmed increase in the budget at AI projects in 2020.
  • More than 75% of respondents are considering purchasing equipment from foreign suppliers for AI projects. Companies develop their own platforms only if they have own teams and resources. The main criteria for choosing a Big Data / AI analysis platform are its cost (78%), quality of service (74%) and performance (70%). 
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