In March 2020 Sberbank has released a report called Robots vs. Viruses, where Sberbank Robotics Laboratory aggregated and summed up the international efforts of robotics engineers from China, the U.S., Italy, and other nations on how to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The study describes the technology that is already being used or could potentially be applied to combat the virus and prevent it from spreading.

According to the report, COVID-19 has already led to an increase in practical interest in robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and artificial intelligence in controlling them. These solutions can help cope with the massive shortage of personnel in health care, production and supply chains, facilitate social distancing, diagnostics and treatment, streamline labor and improve the safety of doctors and personnel involved in the disinfection of disease hotspots.

Examples of such solutions are disinfection robots using ultraviolet radiation or those that spray disinfectants; autonomous robots for the delivery of food, medicine and necessities to isolated patients; manipulators for ultrasound, smear and acoustic examination with a stethoscope; 3D printing devices allowing you to print things like medical respirators right in the hospital and not wait for their delivery, and so on.

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