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Smart speakers and voice assistants. Russia and global markets


A report on the market for smart speakers and voice assistants by Just AI, developer of conversational artificial Intelligence technologies.

Key findings: 

  • By the end of 2021, 6 millions of smart speaker units are expected to be shipped in Russia, nearly 13% of those devices will be smart displays.
  • 1,1 mln devices powered by voice assistants will be sold in Russia in 2020.
  • 60% of the smart devices market will be taken by Yandex and its partners in 2020, 40%  will be either powered by Google Assistant or produced by new players.
  • In regards to global smart speaker shipments, 240 mln smart speakers will be sold globally by the end of 2019, as estimated by Just AI.
  • In terms of usage, the most common voice assistant use cases in Russia are: web search (42%), GPS navigation (19%),  weather (15%), phone calls (13%), alarm clock and timer (6%) and music (4%).  
  • 29% of respondents use voice assistants daily, 36% — several times a week.
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