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The largest companies in Russia in the field of information security 2020


The revenue of the 30 largest companies from the CNews Security ranking in 2019 amounted to 152.4 billion rubles ($1.9 billion) which is 37% more than last year. The leaders of the ranking are Kaspersky Lab, Citadel and the system integrator SoftLine, together they account for more than half of the entire ranking’s turnover.

  • Kaspersky Lab remains the leader of the ranking, its revenues amount to 44.3 billion rubles ($564 million) the revenues increased by less than 1%.
  • Citadel group of companies, the newcomer of the ranking, was ranked second.  Its revenues amount to 21.6 billion rubles (equivalent to $272 million) and increased by 46% compared to the previous year
  • Softline group of companies was ranked third, its revenue was estimated at 17.46 billion rubles (equivalent to $222 million) + 10% compared to 2018. 
  • The most demanded services are the services for checking compliance with regulatory requirements, ensuring network security, implementing and maintaining DLP systems, as well as implementing antivirus solutions and data security solutions.
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