TAdviser ranking includes 100 largest IT companies in Russia.

  • The total revenue of the companies reached 1.694 trillion rubles ($21.7 billion), which is 14.5% higher than in the previous ranking.
  • The threshold for entry in 2020 is highest in the history of the ranking, it exceeds 1.3 billion rubles (equivalent to $16.6 million).
  • The Radioelectronics Cluster of Rostec ranked first again, however, its revenue over the past year has decreased by 5%. National Computer Corporation (NCC), Lanit, Softline and Marvel Distribution are also among the top five largest IT companies. The five companies account for 50.3% in the total revenue of the top 100.
  • The highest revenue growth was demonstrated by Research Institute Voskhod (+171.5%), Technoprom (+150.7%), IKS Holding (X Holding) (+143.6%) and “Svyaz’ Servis Telekommunikatsii” (+104.8%). In total, 87 companies increased their revenues in 2019.
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