Kaspersky lab analysed how people's lives have changed because of remote work during COVID-19 pandemic.

The adoption of video conferencing, file storage services, file sharing services and personal messaging apps are all on the rise as we rely on the Internet for sharing information and keeping in touch for work purposes. Some employees are not strictly using their business accounts for work-related purposes.

For example, 42% of workers say they are using personal email accounts for work and nearly half (49%) have admitted to increasing how often they do this. Additionally, 38% use personal messengers for work purposes, and 60% say they now do this more often because of working from home. File-sharing services that have not been approved by IT departments are also being used a lot, with 53% of respondents saying they are using these more often for work-related purposes.

Cybercriminals were actively trying to masquerade their malware as popular messengers and online conference applications that were used by remote workers to replace offline communications. Kaspersky detected 1.66 million unique malicious files spread under the guise of such applications.

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