Based on the analysis of big data, the Institute for Statistical Research and Economics of Knowledge of the Higher School of Economics identified the most significant digital technologies that are already used in manufacturing industry in Russia and in the world. More than 180 thousand sources (publications in foreign scientific journals and in industry media) have been used as the information base of the research.

  • Industrial robots, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are the three most significant digital industrial solutions. In the future more advanced AI technologies will automate production and optimize the work of not only individual enterprises, but entire industries.
  • Various digital technologies are often combined in industry. To accelerate the creation and launch of products and services on the market, enterprises use systems based on digital twins of production processes, including AI elements, the Internet of Things, sensors and wireless technology.
  • Enterprises try to adapt to consumers and develop the “product as a service” business model. A wide range of applications based on big data analysis are used for greater product personalization.
  • Participants in the value chain are strengthening cooperation, many of them join a unified ecosystem based on digital platforms and solutions for distributed production.
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