With support from PwC, IDC, and CROC, Digital Leader networking platform launched Technology 2030 research to find out the real technology development pathway for the next 10 years and how it will impact Russian business sector and job market.

Key research findings:

  • Sectors that achieved the most success in digital transformation in Russia at the moment are: finance, retail and FMCG, telecom, mass media and entertainment.
  • Digital transformation in Russian companies is the responsibility of Chief Digital Officer (CDO) (71% of respondents); as well as CEO, shareholders, company owner (56%); CIO (52%); and, less commonly, CTO, CFO, and HR. Remarkably, 14%of respondents said that digital transformation was nobody’s responsibility.
  • Respondents claim that processes, infrastructure, and finance are the main obstacles to digital transformation today.
  • Remote access technologies, AI and AR/VR are claimed to gain momentum due to COVID-19 pandemiс. 
  • AI & ML, IoT and RPA are going to cause dramatic changes at Russian companies in the coming 10 years.
  • Half of employees in Russia will be working remotely and one-third will be replaced by robots and AI.
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