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Free knowledge base launched to drive 5G innovation with more than 60 case studies of how various cities and countries are implementing 5G, an interactive map of 5G pilot zones in Moscow and other useful content on the topic. Each case study has a detailed description of various 5G-empowered applications and scenarios, and other useful information, including solution partners, results accomplished and project timelines.

Russia’s first 5G zone was deployed in Moscow in August 2019 and this became the starting point of wider plans for deployment of the high speed network across Russia. The 5G tech base contains an interactive map of all the 5G pilot zones in Moscow, both those that are currently operational and those presently preparing to launch. Information on the operators who are testing equipment in those pilot zones, alongside a list of successful case studies and other useful information is also available.

Companies from all over the world with ideas for solutions they would like to implement in those 5G pilot zones can communicate their concepts to the city’s planner by completing a special form on the website.

The site also has a separate section featuring views from Russian experts on the future development of the technology, its impact on business and economic benefits and a news section that pulls together information on events, presentations and research relating to 5G.

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