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3i Data Plexus

System for retrieving, accumulating and processing information about the competitive environment


3i Data Plexus continuously monitors the actions of direct competitors and key market players, helps to quickly identify risks, events or trends affecting business development. The system simplifies the analysis of heterogeneous information flows and helps to make deliberate management decisions.

3i Data Plexus analyzes the media, social networks, specialized and industry blogs, and processes information about competitions, tenders and purchases. The system allows users to track M&A transactions, all kinds of investments, simplifies reporting, provides a detailed picture of the marketing activity of competing companies, monitors legal proceedings.

3i Data Plexus is based on a Hybrid Cloud architecture and can be deployed both on the customer’s side and in the cloud. The system easily integrates with internal company databases and corporate systems such as ERP and CRM.

logo 3i Data Plexus


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