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System for monitoring and analysis of social media and mass media


The system is based on a modern Big Data platform, AI technologies and high-speed computer linguistics. A platform with internally developed technological solutions allows to analyze more than 3 billion messages per month. Brand Analytics analyzes not only text messages, but also texts in images, decryptions of videos, check-ins and stories.

  • Brand Analytics Monitors references to a company brand, person, or event on social media and mass media.
  • Performs automatic data analysis: determines the tone of statements, highlights important messages and topics, reveals media trends.
  • Presents the received information in the form of intuitively understandable graphs and reports.
  • Sends notifications about important messages or media changes to a mobile application, Telegram or email.
  • Provides the opportunity to export data and integrate with other corporate systems.

Social Media: VKontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo. Forums, blogs, review sites, map services, marketplaces, messengers, Telegram channels and open chats. Mass media, original sources: 40+ thousand online media, transcripts of TV and radio broadcasts, federal and regional print media, websites of government agencies, commercial companies and organizations.

The analytical system Brand Analytics is included in the single register of Russian software. Brand Analytics is a participant of the Skolkovo project.

371Latest update:06.26.2020

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