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Service for the sale of used cars


Service for the safe sale of used cars through an online auction. The site contains an online calculator that calculates the approximate cost of a used car based on its parameters (year of manufacture, mileage etc), auctions already held and current market conditions. After a preliminary assessment, the car owner receives an invitation to one of the company's offices, where the car undergoes legal and technical diagnostics. Car diagnostics are free.

In order to put a car up for electronic auction, the company's employees inspect the car according to more than 600 parameters. After that, an auction sheet with a description is drawn up on the car, the data is uploaded to the online platform - and the auction begins. The owner can accept or refuse the transaction. The service is free for clients.

CarPrice also offers B2B services for companies: CarPrice Trade-in - a service for trade-in car dealerships for selling cars through the CarPrice online auction, CarPrice Business - selling companies' fleets through CarPrice.

logo CarPrice


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