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Dental clinic management platform


The capabilities of the platform include: fixing an appointment – registration of first-time patients and searching for second-time patients in a database, calls before visits, printing agreements and accords, settlements, SMS reminders. The database is designed in an easy-to-use format with filters by doctors, dates and other categories, electronic cards, patients database import features. The platform offers the option to create patients lists by recent visit date, age, gender, birthday, etc. to facilitate promotions and informing.

Readymade templates for treatment filling – for dental visits and doctors of more than 10 different areas of expertise, reports – graphs, diagrams, tables, with Excel download option. The system allows you to work with statistics, analytical data, reports for a day or period of time, with measurements of the efficiency of doctors and marketing.

Doctor’s schedule – every doctor can have his schedule set up in his phone or tablet. Users can view records, with reasons for visits and appointment time. The platform has a wide range of features – from patient database to invoicing and accounting. It also offers integration with the DocDoc portal and instant messaging service Viber.







logo ClinicIQ


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