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Open framework for research and development of dialogue systems


The mission of DeepPavlov project is to create a world, where people and machines communicate in the same language. In order to achieve this goal, research is being carried out in the field of conversational AI, and the latest open-source technologies are being developed and distributed through education, consulting and development of business applications.

Products and services:

  • DeepPavlov - an open source framework for research and development of dialogue systems.
  • Research in the area of NLP (Natural Language Processing).
  • Training and customization of NLP models (on-premise and SaaS).
  • Consulting and development of solutions for the automation of the dialogue cycle, search through knowledge bases, normalization and text analysis.
  • Customization of the DeepPavlov open framework for business tasks and user support.
  • Educational programs in NLP.
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