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Contactless payment system


The system allows a passenger with a bank card to use public transport services without buying a ticket. It is enough to attach a bank card to the turnstile or validator, at the end of the day all trips will be aggregated, the most optimal tariff is selected, and a single fare for the whole day is debited.

FastTrack also allows the passenger to view all the trips made in his personal account, authorization takes place by the number of the bank card used for travel. The system is implemented in cooperation with payment systems Visa, MasterCard, and MIR.

The FastTrack system was launched in March 2021 on the Leningrad railway line on the Moscow - Tver section to pay for fares at the turnstiles.

In August 2021, terminals equipped with the FastTrack system began testing at the Leningradsky Railway Station. The payment system independently calculates the time spent by the car in the parking lot and reads the amount at the established rate.

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