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Information Leaks Detection

System of control and protection from unauthorized document distribution


The system detects hard copy data leakage channels. The service is based on creating personalized copies of the original document. Every copy has microscopic visible differences from the original. To create them, a protected e-docflow system uses affine transformation algorithm. It moves lines and words in relation to each other in a random manner, changes margin size, adjusts line and character spacing. It is unnoticeable, but the system remembers the unique “image” of the copy. ILD saves all transformation parameters.

If an unauthorized copy of a document is found on the Internet or in the media, after its download to the system and scanning, matching rating is issued. It shows if a copy matches the file downloaded. The full name of the employee (the owner of the copy) and other details, as well as the date and time of issuance by the system, are shown. The system can read information from photos, screenshots, scan or scan photo.

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logo Information Leaks Detection
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