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Zecurion DLP

Complex for protecting commercial information from leaks


Zecurion DLP is an integrated system for protection from corporate information leakage

Zecurion DLP allows to control:

  • Corporate emails.
  • Emails and attachments sent via web-mail services.
  • Communication in social networks, forums and blogs (HTTP / HTTPS).
  • Messages of Internet messengers - ICQ, Mail.Ru Agent, QIP, Google Talk and more than ten other systems, including Skype. FTP, POP3, IMAP, SMTP and other network channels.
  • Files recorded on USB drives and any external devices.
  • Printing on local and network printers and other leakage channels.
  • Availability of confidential data stored on users' computers and servers.
  • Access to information stored on servers, magnetic tapes and optical disks.






logo Zecurion DLP
341Latest update:06.04.2020

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