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Komega Basic

Software and hardware complex for technological processes management


Komega Basic allows to solve a range of tasks of engineering systems monitoring and management. All systems can be connected to a single management system simultaneously or on a staged basis. The multistage process allows to adapt to the financial plans of the client and preserve his investments during system expansion and modernization.

The software and hardware complex includes freely programmable controllers intended for simple objects and systems formed by them.

The design and sheet-oriented solutions allow to make unique configurations in terms of inlets and outlets, space and type of memory, controller interface and expansion modules.

The complex includes updated integrated IDE environment designed by kStudiao and distributed and licensed free of charge, and also integration modules (OPC), server side of dispatch system and two tier SCADA.

The software consists of kPlayer, kWeb and kStudio. kStudio is a software tool environment used for development of projects-algorithms and SCADA systems for objects, and also for hardware debugging. kPlayer is SCADA that ensures dispatch of automated objects both on-premises and based on cloud technologies. kWeb is the software for accessing the project using a mobile device; it is realized using HTML5 duplicates functions of kPlayer.

Komega software and hardware complex was developed by Moscow Factory of Thermal Automatics (MZTA).

logo Komega Basic
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