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Industrial safety solution


Softline's Smart Helmets solution allows you to remotely monitor compliance with safety regulations by employees who are required to wear a protective helmet.

The functionality of the solution allows you to monitor the presence of a helmet on employees in real time, notify about serious blows on the helmet, monitor the presence of a free fall phase of an employee with a height (from 1.5 meters), inform about the temperature inside the helmet. Sensors also allow you to use feedback - for example, an employee can lightly hit his helmet with his fist three times, and the operator will see this event as "The employee asks to contact him."

The software records the facts of leaving the working area and transmits information to the control room; in the future, the system is able to analyse all statistical data on the active work time of each of the employees for a certain period.

If the Smart Helmet is used in conjunction with RFiD tags working over Wi-Fi, the location of the employee can be seen. The operator will also be able to send text messages to the RFiD tag. LoRaWAN data transmission protocol minimises battery power consumption, ensures signal propagation - up to 10 km in open areas or up to 2 km in a city.







logo Smart Helmets



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