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LEAD WMS is an adaptable industrial-level warehouse management system that provides maximum coverage of the processes of logistics complexes and the possibility of expanding the functionality in the future. LEAD WMS systems ensure the automation of both the main business processes of warehouse logistics and complex solutions that provide the most efficient management of labor resources, machinery and production equipment to minimize overhead costs, increase the level of service and the overall productivity of the warehouse.

The system includes several solutions. Module 3D warehouse VR: virtual monitoring of warehouse operation (desktop or helmet). Pick-by-Vision - AR based on Augmented Reality Glasses: Hands-Free Mode for up to 15% higher picking efficiency compared to Pick-by-Voice. Automatic defect recognition - monitoring the integrity of the package using the technology of pattern recognition using neural networks (AI). Visualization and modeling - modeling and control of the execution of processes and operations, creation of simulation models, “heating” map. Biotelemetry - analysis of the physical condition of employees using fitness bracelets and adaptive load distribution in the warehouse. Data analysis, deviations forecasting - identifying indirect factors that affect KPIs using artificial intelligence.

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