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LUNA Platform

System of data management and person verification and indentification


Luna Platform is based on LUNA SDK - Engine for face recognition. The system includes several modules: Broker web server, which ensures interface with external systems via HTTP protocol; Extracto handler, which extracts face descriptors; Matcher handler, which receives requests for descriptors matching. An additional Queue Manager ensures data exchange between Broker module and Extractor and Matcher handlers. DBMS Aerospike NoSQL module is used to create a storage for descriptors and their lists. The modules work independently from each other. The system uses RESTful Web API to transmit commands and exchange data.

The main Application level protocol is HTTP 1.1, data exchange is initiated by an HTTP request. The implementation of neural networks allows to process a face in a fraction of a second, and the optimized sublinear search makes it possible to identify a person in the databases. The descriptors data is de-identified

logo LUNA Platform
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