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Russian national blockchain network


Masterchain uses the Ethereum blockchain code base, modified to meet the requirements for Russian cryptography, user identification and secure scaling.

Key principles of MasterChain:

  • The distributed register "MasterChain" does not store the data requiring a specific mode of storage (the data protected by a trade secret, personal data, confidential data, etc.)
  • The legal importance (within the Russian jurisdiction) information processed in "MasterChain"
  • Lack of technical need for the entrusted intermediaries
  • Support of programmable contracts (smart contracts)
  • Lack of a uniform point of failure
  • Independent accounting of the resources spent by participants for system operation support
  • Scaling option (by the number of participants and transactions)

The Central Bank, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, FC Otkrytie, Tinkoff Bank and the QIWI Group of companies took part in the creation of the platform.

logo Masterchain
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500Latest update:09.16.2020

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