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MD Audit is an operational audit  tool. It can be used to solve the following problems: audit supervision, motivation of store directors, analysis of the effectiveness of business processes.

With the help of MD Audit, owners, general directors, operating officers, regional directors can solve their tasks. The system will also be useful for security managers, HR, marketing, merchandising and finance departments directors.

Benefits of using MD Audit:

  • Increase in revenue at sales points by 3–7% by attracting new customers and keeping constant clients due to the maintenance of the external and internal appearance of the shopping facility.
  • Increase in the number of loyal customers (NPS) by 15% due to improved service quality.
  • Cost optimization: savings on paper forms, hired auditors, inefficient staff members, inefficient partnerships.
  • Increase of CSI consumer satisfaction index by 20%.
  • Increase in the labor productivity of auditors by 35% due to the digitalization of the audit process and the convenience of using the system.
  • Increase of VoC index (consumer vote) by 22%.
  • Increase in labor productivity of employees of audited facilities through regular inspections and control of their work.
  • Large-scale analytics: tabular, Power BI on processes, standards, auditors, performers, objects for any time period.






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