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Medical service mobile application


The application is used for clinics, doctors of different qualifications, nurses, paramedics. The application allows you to send a patient’s contact data to physicians or a clinic. After receiving the message, a doctor can call the patient back, make an appointment for a suitable time, offer and provide the required help. If the specialist takes part in the patient’s treatment, he or she can count on a reward.

Medcoin requests access to the contacts list to enable a user to select the phone number from his contacts list in the corresponding section of the application “Invite friend” if the user wishes to invite a friend/friends to the application. A text message will be sent to this phone in this event.

The application also requests access to the camera to enable the user, if he wishes to receive patients for treatment, when filling out the respective form sent to Medcoin, the user could attach the photos of the documents, certificates and licenses to the form. All data is sent encrypted through the https protocol. No information received by Medcoin is passed to third parties.

logo Medcoin
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