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Platform for connecting AI tools to remote patient consultations


Medsenger.AI Platform allows to extend the functionality Medsenger . The platform allows to connect remote dialogue "patient-doctor" with specialized intelligent agents, which automatically (but under the supervision of the attending physician) implement a certain set of functions that are relevant specifically for this patient.<

The service is a cloud platform on the basis of which medical organizations offer their patients a new chargeable service: remote consultation (monitoring, support) of a patient by his attending physician between face-to-face visits. The service Canis available on   Web, Android, iOS platforms.

The main principle of the service is asynchronous: the patient asks when there is a question, the doctor answers when there is an opportunity. Some functions of remote patient management using intelligent agents (AI) are automated to facilitate the work of the doctor, in particular:

  • COVID-19 symptoms monitoring, which is free for all users. The service sends a specially designed questionnaire with possible symptoms of coronavirus to the patient according to the doctor’s schedule. In case the patient notices any of the symptoms, the doctor will be immediately notified about this and contact the patient.
  • Monitoring of medical parameters and drug intake, which allows to monitor the changes in the patient's condition while taking drugs, assess the effectiveness of the treatment and consider its adjustment, with automatic generation of schedule based on the parameters, which is available for both the doctor and the patient in personal account.
logo Medsenger.AI


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