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Moscow Metro mobile application


The application provides the construction of routes to any point in Moscow and the Moscow region, taking into account all types of urban transport (metro, MCC, surface urban transport, both in Moscow and the region, suburban rail transport, Aeroexpress trains).

It also provides information about the stations of the Moscow Central Circle, the opening hours and video instructions for transitions from the MCC to metro transfer stations.

Application features: messages about the opening of new stations, the closure of stations and scheduled repairs of sections of lines, messages about emergency situations in real time, historical information about each station, work schedule, numbers of land transport routes available for transfer, calculation of the average cost of the trip along the chosen route, information about intercepting parking lots with free spaces, a list of more than 100 sights of the capital and cultural monuments with the ability to build a route, balance of the Troika card wallet via NFC and remote top-up.

logo MosMetro


342Latest update:12.07.2020

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