logo MTS Marketer (MTS Marketolog)

MTS Marketer (MTS Marketolog)

Platform for attracting new customers and increasing repeat sales


A cloud platform for customizing advertising campaigns based on one stop principle. With the help of MTS Marketer, the user can customize an advertising campaign and send SMS, messages in Viber and emails to both existing customers and those who may become them, without involving additional employees and contacting an agency.

Users can create advertising campaigns based on banner ads and use cascading communications by setting a certain logic for using several types of advertising. MTS Marketer will help you to find new customers or remind existing customers that it’s time to visit you. By using various options and types of advertising, users can tell about the newly opened shop or cafe, increase the foot traffic of the outlet (both physical and e-commerce), increase the average receipt amount and get rid of seasonal fluctuations. Also users can adjust the accuracy and relevance of advertising. For this purpose, the developers have provided 120 parameters, which are constantly being improved with the help of Big Data and AI algorithms.

logo MTS Marketer (MTS Marketolog)
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