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The services allow to control transport movements, monitor its technical condition online, control the movements of employees or transport inside/outside geozones, check archive data on transport use and employees movements within a 3-year period.

The services are available in the region where the subscriber’s number was registered and in intra-network roaming and include:

  • “NIKA-GLONASS” - monitoring employee and transport location using personal or can GPS and GLONASS trackers.
  • “NIKA-Tracker” - monitoring subscriber location via mobile telephone with GPS or GLONASS receiver.
  • “NIKA-LBS Budget” and “Nika-LBS Unlimited” - monitoring employee location via mobile telephone using mobile network base stations data.
  • “NIKA-GLONASS SMS” and “NIKA-LBS SMS” - immediately notifying NIKA service operator about the events that happened at the monitored site. The services allow to receive SMS messages about the events that occurred with the monitored objects (for instance: entering or leaving the geozone, speeding).






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