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Netris CCTV Platform

City-wide video surveillance solution


The software and equipment complex is a carrier-class solution to provide CCTV service over the Internet to an unlimited number of users. Its capabilities include: camera selection using interactive maps, user authorization, support for camera’s advanced functions (pan, tilt, zoom, motion detection, etc.), opportunity to record and store video on the operator’s platform.

Moscow’s city-wide video surveillance system “Information city” is built on Netris solutions and incorporates 160 000 cameras. The broadcasting complex consists of three basic components: streaming server, control platform – middleware and use interfaces. To realize the service “Video surveillance over the Internet”, the streaming server Netris iStream is used which is responsible for broadcasting, re-broadcasting and video recording, the platform Netris CCTV Middleware that performs the functions of generating user interface, authorization and integration with third-party systems and user portals.

logo Netris CCTV Platform


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