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Multi-object video analytics platform


FindFace Multi allows recognizing faces and silhouettes of people, cars and license plates in the video stream. Various types of objects can be searched by photo samples or by attributes. FindFace Multi finds events with the same person and his car, which makes it much easier to find the information you need, collected at different times and under different conditions.

The platform integrates the FindFace Multi Liveness anti-spoofing system, which allows you to distinguish a live person from an image. The neural network analyzes several frames at once and records changes on the face. This eliminates the possibility of fraudulent use of images on paper or screens of mobile devices. FindFace Multi Liveness works through an API and is a plug-in.

FindFace Multi also detects the presence of a mask and its correct wearing and provides recognition of half-masked faces. You can set up face and silhouette counters on connected cameras to determine the exact number of people in a frame. FindFace Multi does not store information about people who are not in the database - a blur effect can be automatically applied to random faces in the frame.

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