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System for recognition and synthesis of emotions, detection and analysis of movements


Neurodata Lab software for emotion recognition doesn’t require wearable sensors or special equipment except for webcam and microphone. The technology detects, recognizes and analyzes emotional and social behavior using neural networks, computer vision and deep learning techniques.

Emotions can be expressed through several channels (modalities): facial expressions and microexpressions of the face, oculomotor activity, voice characteristics, movements and position of the body, as well as expressing through physiology such as increased heartbeat.  Emotion recognition technologies are applied in various fields: banking and insurance industries, retail, automobile industry, gaming industry, communications, robotics, neuromarketing, security, digital medicine.

  • Face Tracker: facial recognition in the frame, as well as its individual elements (positions of eyes, mouth, nose, and other neural network characteristics that are not amenable to common interpretation).
  • Diarization to identify human speech in the audio stream, as well as isolating the speaker’s voice, if several other voices are there in the audio stream at the moment of speech.
  • Body Tracker: tracking body and arm movements in a video stream.
  • Eye Tracker: Eye movement data extraction.
  • Heart Rate Tracker: Heart rate using a video camera.
  • Respiration Rate Tracker: respiratory rate detection using a video camera.
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