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PimPay offers online stores: to get cash on delivery on the day of the goods delivery and immediately bring the money into requisition, carrying out more deliveries and scaling their business; search for lost parcels and cash on delivery payments, get compensation for them; get analytics on all their deliveries (the size of buyout by regions, average check, compare their data with the indicators of a similar store) in real time, automate the work of the accounting department, receiving reconciliations on all the delivery services in a single format.

PimPay.Analytics allows you to track the buyout and average check by top 100 cities, delivery services, as well as compare it with the indicators of other competitors on the market. This enables you to get an insight into the strengths and weaknesses and redistribute advertising budgets.

PimPay.Control is a tool for delivery service control. In the event of a parcel loss or failure to make a cash-on-delivery payment in time, the system triggers complaint management. The system carries it out automatically, achieving the final status independently. The customer watches over the complaint management in his user account, without participating in the process and not wasting his time on the litigation. 





logo PimPay


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