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Vehicles monitoring system


The vehicle park monitoring system identifies vehicles, primarily loaders and identifies their accurate location. Location identification is made possible by measuring the distance between a tag (radio frequency beacon) attached to a loader and three or more anchors (infrastructure nodes with known coordinates). The system analyses the parameters of loaders’ movement (speed, compliance with the designated routes and working zones), alerts to the found violations and in real time shows the location of loaders in a plan.

The web interface of the system allows you, by using a common browser, perform monitoring from any terminal – stationary or mobile one in real time; increase the speed of response to emergency events. In addition to movement parameters, the system uses the accelerometers built in the tags to identify the periods of loaders’ downtime (immobility), as well as detects and registers critical blows that can cause different kinds of damage.

Optionally the system provides the transmission of telemetric data from the sensors and buttons installed on loaders – to the server of the system and the transmission of commands from the server to the execution units and indicators on loaders. Specifically, when using a pressure sensor in the hydraulic system of a loader, the system identifies and registers the cargo weight on the arm within ±50 kg. When using the authorization set, the system provides driver’s authorization. The system allows you to remotely block a loader’s engine.

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