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RVi-Integrator FACE

Face recognition system


The system ensures access control to a watched area and identifies people using the data fed by video cameras, generating its own video- and photo archive, detects unwanted people and malicious intruders and alerts to their appearance in a control zone.

The core of the system is a combination of the face recognition module and the module of similar people search in a video archive that allow you to instantly fix and perform multifunctional processing of images from video cameras in a control zone. Software solutions interact by way of the dialog “Rules” (version 4.8.0) or Java Script languages.

At the objects requiring an extra level of protection, RVi-Integrator FACE helps ensure a system of multi-level identification – for this purpose a video camera at the entrance is linked to a face detector that captures the entering person’s face and the face recognition module. To allow an employee to access the object using, for instance, his electronic pass, the system uses the verification mode to compare his current video image from the camera at the entrance with the reference photo of the owner’s pass stored in a database.

The software assesses the degree of their similarity and works according to the previously set scenarios – for instance, it automatically opens an electronic lock or turnstile if identification is successful and forbids access when fixing a low similarity percentage.   


logo RVi-Integrator FACE



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