logo Passenger counter for transport based on video analytics

Passenger counter for transport based on video analytics

Passenger counting system


For accurate analysis and management of the logistics of the transport system, it is necessary to calculate statistics of passenger traffic. Counting incoming passengers is necessary to create new routes, optimize existing ones, clarify the number of vehicles involved on the route and scheduling, as well as to minimize the risk of theft by drivers on commercial routes.

The solution consists of video cameras that are installed above the entry areas and a microcomputer with a GPS / LTE module, which is responsible for collecting and transmitting data to the data center. The data center implements a system for storing video archives from all cameras connected to the system with a storage depth of 1 month, as well as video analytics, the result of which is the number of passengers entering and leaving in the context of time.

Possibilities and functionality: availability of operation of the solution on various sides (1/2/3/4 doors on passenger buses, railway transport); data processing at the edge or in the data center according to the data of previously generated video archives; execution of a neural network running Intel OpenVINO; insensitivity to the difference in lighting; storage of video recordings in internal memory for at least 3 days; connection to third-party monitoring units via REST API; remote data transmission to the server from the vehicle via the GSM network.







logo Passenger counter for transport based on video analytics


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